Friday, June 05, 2009

Agreed Super Eagles Beat France But ....................Amodu Ain't shit!

I have never supported the choice of Amodu as Super Eagles coach. Not that i have anything against Amodu as a person or as a coach.
My poblem is with Amodu being the Super Eagles coach.
I have watched Amodu as super Eagles coach and have never been confinced is technical know-how or technical-not-know how is for super Eagles stuff.

Just one game, though we ca't take it away from them, is not enough.
Many times i have seen Amodu totally lost and bereft of Ideas when it matters most.
What does he want to do now, that he failed to do in his previous spells?

For now, let's see how we can just scrample out a qualification ticket for 2010.
I have told myself i won't watch the Super Eagles if we qualify for the world cup and Amodu gets to take us there.


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