Saturday, October 11, 2008

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Hello there, yeah today is a big day for international football, i guess i am supposed to be writing about that. But i think i am getting too bored with international football recently. I don't know why. There's just too little football compared to what we see in the various leagues.
Well since i won't be talking about that, i will use this opportunity to tell you about two of our new blogs.

Weight Loss and Fitness
This blog is newly lunched but i was waiting for it to get index first. It gives you all the tips you need to get fit and loss weight. We are also recruiting writers, so i won't be the only one here. That means you will get more new stuffs daily.

The second blog i will like to let you know about is our Doctor for Free online that a health blog that discusses but conventional medicine and alternative health care practices. These two have never come so close. Well, its not just that. The blog is actually run by a real medical doctor. So the advice you will get will be informed. Well, that's if you ask.

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