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The Wonders of Acai Berries


Ever since Oprah endorsed the Acai Berry calling it the number one 'super fruit', its popularity in the United States has been going like wild fire.

Acai Berry is a small dark-colored (purple) fruit that grows in clusters and tastes like berries and chocolate mixed together. This wonder fruit grown in the Amazon area of Brazil has been in use by the locals for various benefits until the recent craze for it in the United States following discoveries made by various researchers on its benefits and testimonies from users. The fruit is highly perishable, the reason you will hardly see it in fresh form but frozen or as fruits and in yogurt for they do not last the transit period from Brazil. It has been featured in the Oprah show, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and Sports Illustrated for Women.

Recent reports in the states have demonstrated the wonders of this ‘Super Food’ which has also help the popularity of the best known acai berry product in the market; Monavie products.

Help Prevent Cancer

The high fiber content in acai berries causes bulky stools. The advantage of this is that, bulky stools in the large intestine is a natural way of cleaning up the walls of the bowels as it is being passed out unlike stools formed by ingestion of refined non fibrous foods that sticks to the bowel walls. Fibrous diet is known to prevent the incidence of cancer of the colon which is a very common occurrence in the United States and other developed countries where the practice of refined fast foods is the norm.

Still on cancer prevention, acai berries ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) level, which measures content of anthocyanins, an anti-oxidant — is the highest among berries in the world. Anti-oxidants help the body fight free radicals. This ability to mob up free radicals has been said to prevent cancer. In cancer patients, prevent its spread.

A laboratory study conducted the University of Florida in February says the acai berry has been killing cancer cells in laboratory tests.

Acai Berry is a Strong Energizer

Niacin is substrate for ATP (Adenosine Triphospate) which is the body’s own form of energy, said to be the body’s fuel, is found is high amounts in acai berries and so less energy is used up by the body to produce ATP by making use of Niacin straight up. So used in energy drinks, it will be different from other forms that makes use of glucose and so starting the process of ATP formation from scratch and in the process using up more energy.

Acai Berry’s Anti-Aging Activities

The ORAC assay done to determine how much anti-oxidants a food substance contain is said to have scored acai berry way above 1000 making it anti-oxidant content the highest and most potent in any form of natural food in the world. Anthocyanins the anti-oxidant acai berry helps prevent the destructive effects of free radicals on the cells keeping our body organs like the skin looking fresh and younger.

Regenerates Your Muscles

Acai berries contain high vitamin B levels and amino acids. The high levels of these nutrients help to keep the muscle healthy as well as build them. So it is highly recommended for those interested in muscles regeneration and hypertrophy. It is one of the highest amino acid containing plants known to man. Essential amino acids are needed in large amounts in the process of wound healing and muscles building for strength. Acai Berry provides a natural alternative to the use of amino acid tablets which is very common among body builders across the country.

Acai Berries as an Immune system booster

By destroying harmful entities in the body through its natural pool of anti-oxidants, acai berries help to keep us healthy and free of illnesses by keeping our immune system free and strong. Free radicals destroy the cell membranes of our white blood cells and immunoglobulin credited with the major function of fighting diseases but in the presence of high anthocyanins content provided by acai berries the white blood cells and immunoglobulin are mopped off of free these radicals helping them perform optimally.

Prevention of Heart Diseases

Acai Berries contains a lot of essential fatty acids like the Omega-6, Omega-3 and Omega-9, and phytosterols. Studies have shown that this ingredients help prevent heart diseases and among those who have suffered heart attack, the constituents in acai have help achieve a positive result during treatment.

Acai Berry Help Digestion

The fibrous nature of acai berry assist in digestion of food in the stomach by helping get rid of toxic entities within the alimentary canal through the bulk stools making way for proper digestive processes. You can only imagine the dangers of lack of proper digestion.

Weight Loss Advantage of Acai Berry

The simple reason that acai berry is fibrous, produces the feeling of easy satiety and makes you eat less of other forms of food helping you loss weight while you stay healthy considering every other nutrient present in acai.

Maintenance of General Body Fitness and wellness

It is rather amazing to note that just one fruit could have so much benefit. However when a full list of the ingredients of the super fruit is obtained it is easy to understand. Acai Berry also contain carbohydrates, iron, Vitamin B1, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, protein and calcium

So to start living healthy today, include acai berry products in your diet. Amazon Thunder, Fruit Vida International and Monavie are some of the companies selling acai berry products. Acai Juice is now sold on the internet, gyms, wellness centers, sports and fitness clubs etc. A life with acai berry keeps you away from the doctors and saves you medical insurance cost which is continuously on the high these days. Why shouldn’t you, after all, there is now a flavor called Brazilian Acai Berry Sorbet that takes acai berry products to a different level entirely. Produced by Haagen-Dazs for ice creams, promises to bring a whole new chapter in the consumption of acai berry products worldwide.

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