Thursday, July 17, 2008

Siasia's Olympic Team Getting Weaker By The Day

The siasia team heading for the Olympic is suddenly looking weaker by the day.
First the team lost Obguke because his Bundesliga club wouldn't release him.

Now Vincent Enyeama whose experience and ability to inspire the young lads would have been a very
important asset, has just been ordered by his Isreali club not to go for the Olympic.

I have fears that soon we will lose Osaze and maybe many more. Why has FIFA not come up with guidelines for the Olympic. Despite the guidelines covering some FIFA competitions , it has always been difficult getting players to be released by clubs. How much more the Olympic which is said not to be covered by FIFA.

Barcelona is stopping Ronaldinho despite the fact the new coach has declared him surplus to demand.
So many of such cases are springing up everyday.


africa entertainment and sports said...

The Olympics rule is clear :The clubs must release any under-23 player that is invited by his country.As for the over-aged,that depends on the negotiation ability of the FA,and I'm afraid with the kind of people we have.........

emmanuel said...

Yes that's the truth. But don't we think FIFA can make the rule more encompassing since only 3 over aged players are allowed? Maybe make it compulsary to honour it. We know how the clubs behave some times you need to force them. Look at Barca who dosen't need Ronaldinho whereas they won't let him play in the Olympics.

Don said...


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