Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Japan 0-3 Nigeria

I am sitting down here browsing and watching the Nigeria Vs Japan match. I'm sure the game will be over by the time i finish posting this. I's already 88 minutes and Nigeria is leading by 0-3. The game was a real marvel and waoh! we almost got a fourth goal. Ok free kick given Rabiu was just brought down.

Ok. I was saying that i have a hunch this boys might just come back with the cup. I have not had this kind of conviction in a long time. Oh! It's all over. Nigeria just won the game 0-3. They didn't just win, they played the kind of football i used to see a real Nigerian team play. Immediately they difeated france, i knew all the boys need is focus and they can come back home with the cup.


Endi said...

I have that feeling too.

Oracle said...

That's good news.
I really don't like soccer.
I'm not into sports but i think i love to hear that Nigeria is doing good in the game.

Emmanuel E Ekanem said...

we all started like that with some sentiments for our National team till we caught the fever and then went haywire as fanatic.

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