Thursday, May 24, 2007

Viewing Center Business: A Goldmine.

Football, apart from being Nigerians’ favourite pastime and greatest unifying factor, it has in recent times brought about a fast growing business which side by side has been blooming with same popularity of the game. You’ll hardly walk a hundred meters in Nigeria’s major cities without coming across a place with the trademark black wall scribbled on it, different match fixtures for the coming weekend.

More and more people are fast realizing how profitable the business could be that we can only expect it to get better especially with the high prices of Direct-to-Home television services in the country making football lovers to opt for these viewing centers. A typical viewing center has between 40-100 viewers and spots can sometimes boast higher patronage especially if you can offer dual view where viewers can watch two matches at the same time. Such places charge a minimum fee of N30, while some places can charge up to N50. I have paid N70 and N100 and I’m sure most of us have too.

It’s a beautiful thing that the country’s economy has so opened up that anyone serious about making honest money doesn’t have to wait too long. All you’ll probably need is a 23`` television, a satellite TV subscription which ranges from N6000 to N10000/month depending on which DTH you are using. You’d need some good benches and maybe one or two ceiling fans. A good space that can contain at least 5 to 7 long benches, a small generator just enough to power your TV, fans, bulbs and the decoder then you are as good as done. Some centers make as much as N10, 000 every week. Imagine that you are charging just N50/person/match and you have 50 viewers which is very modest, you’ll make N2500 as in most days where there is at least two premiership matches and say one seria A and another one La Liga matches, you’ll be talking four matches a day. That goes to about N10, 000. You still have Sundays and in some cases midweek matches come handy when the UEFA Champions league games are on. You can make in one week alone N20, 000 and that runs into N80, 000 per month. Let’s say you spend N9, 000 for TV subscription and N6000 on fuel for the generator and maybe N5000 on rent which in my opinion the last two are inflated. You still have N60, 000 left per month. That’s not bad for an extra income. Is it? You are also sure of recouping your investment in your second month. Note that I have not included International friendlies, world cup and nations cup qualifying matches etc. If you have a little money and thinking of what business to invest it in, this is one business you can start earning good income from the onset.

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