Monday, January 15, 2007

Obafemi Martins shows Class

Before his rosy escapade in the English league was a trial period in which even the player almost lost confidence in him self. I remember very well I was one of those who kept faith with the pacey striker on the grounds that he was saddled with a team that had a serious problem with play making. I remember suggesting that he should leave if Newcastle United failed to do something about the midfield which I thought needed to wake up from it’s slumber if the f10m splashed on him was to be justified.
From every indication, it seems that the coach and the fans finally knew where to channel the blames and stopped expecting an over night Allen Shearer. What we saw yesterday was a spectacle and a world-class striker living up to his bidding. By scoring an equalizer against Spurs and assisting the winner away from home Obafemi has finally justified my long term believe that the English league was the best place for him. Obafemi martins is one striker that touches me as one who given the right team and teammates will go places.
His business-like approach to every game stands him out and that is a deviation from the natural Nigerian instincts. Most of our teams are always good enough to win most of the competitions they take part in but usually never do so simply because of a lack of the right attitude to matches. The reason I felt badly for him when Nigeria couldn’t make it to the world cup after so much personal sacrifice. All I can say now is go Obagoal. You are Nigeria’s best striker at the moment and soon you’ll get your reward. Don’t be discouraged. In the forum today, Nigerians debate on Is Obafemi Martins Nigeria’s Best Striker at the Moment

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